Beyond Part III

Young Researchers in Mathematics 2009

16-18 April 2009

Centre for Mathematical Sciences, Cambridge

You may find the following points useful when preparing your talk.

Talk Guidelines

The Audience

Your group will consist mainly of PhD students in neighbouring areas. They will have a similar level and similar interests, but possibly a different background to yourself. They are likely to have done comparable courses at advanced undergraduate and master's level and widely different stuff since then. You might like to read other people's abstracts while preparing your talk. The session Chairs will be happy to answer any more specific questions.

Accessible Talks

In each session there will also be one talk of more general interest, which we will advertise to current Part III and undergraduate students. For these you should assume very little previous knowledge. Concepts and notation you find extremely familiar may not have been met, and detailed calculations probably won't be necessary. You might want to decide on a few key points to make during the talk, and cover them well. Thanks to all of you giving these talks.